Living in London

Living in London is a dream for many; the city attracts millions of visitors every year with its metropolitan flair and diverse cultural life.
London offers numerous opportunities for job seekers, exciting night life and plenty of leisure prospects.

London Public Transport Network is one of the biggest in the world and might seem little intimidating to new visitors.
With access to Buses, Trams, National Rail services and the famous London Underground or ‘tube’ a day’s travel can be very expensive. A London Travelcard is available with every London Pass and makes your sightseeing experience more relaxing and cost efficient.

The British weather is well known for being unpredictable, so visitors should come prepared!  There are four distinct seasons, although these may vary in different regions of the UK, where, for example, the mildest weather tends to be on the south coast.  November to February can be cold, and jumpers, warm coats and boots are advisable, as is a raincoat and an umbrella. The south does not see a lot of snow, whereas the north and Scotland are more likely to have heavy snow falls in winter.


Tourist Attractions
Read about London's top 10 most popular tourist attractions, including the London Eye, the National Gallery and Tower of London. You can also book attraction tickets below.
Some free London attractions are also listed: there's no better place to soak up some culture. Whether you prefer history or modern art, you'll find it here.
The capital's top 10 attractions are listed below in order of popularity based on visitor numbers in 2010 or latest available numbers in the case of the London Eye and Madame Tussauds.